Frequently asked questions

For drivers

For passengers

Can I accept cash?

Yes, you can.

Should I provide my wi-fi to passengers?

Not at all. All the gadgets come with our own internet data.

What is the benefit for me of installing your gadget in my car?

The customer experience will be enhanced. If they are in a bad mood, using the tablet could alleviate their tension. We also have to consider passengers with kids, who love to be entertained. One of our missions is to help drivers make their work environment less stressful.

How much will It cost for me to have a gadget in my car?

We will cover all the costs.

How long will it take to install a tablet and lights?

We hire a professional company that specialises in internal design. They will install them for us. Usually, it takes around 1 hour. In terms of safety, we have got official permission from the council to do it.

Could your gadgets damage my car?

Not at all. Everything is safe and removable.

Is that easy to remove?

Yes, within a couple of minutes.

Should I provide an explanation to passengers about how to use it?

Most people know how to use a tablet, but also we will provide a guide for them.

Is it safe for passengers to use tablets?

Yes. We officially have got permission from the local council.

What if our passengers decide to watch something for 18+?

They will only have access to YouTube, Notes and some games. Our internet has restrictions, as we are aiming to protect our young passengers from watching inappropriate material. We also do not want to put drivers in an awkward position.

If I have any questions in regards to the gadgets?

You can always call our office or email us.

The passenger wants me to make the sound too loud, what should I do?

We ask our passengers to respect our drivers, and our drivers to respect our passengers. The sound can be adjusted to a level that you both are happy with.

Should I wear a mask when I have a passenger on board?

Ask the passenger. You both should feel safe and comfortable during the ride.

Should I pay weekly or monthly to work with you?

No. You pay only commission. If you have no fares, no commission will be charged.

What is the minimum you charge passengers for each ride?

We have a minimum charge of £3.

How long does it take from submitting my application to commencing work?

Similar to other car-sharing applications. It takes about 5 minutes. You need to have a valid licence. Follow the link here.

Am I charged if my flight is delayed?

No – There is no charge for delayed flights, as long as you provide us with your flight number we will track your flight and plan for any changes to your arrival time!

When is full payment required?

Full payment for your trip will be required prior to the commencement of your journey.

How do I pay for my trip?

You can pay for your trip by credit/debit card, PayPal or by cash to the driver on the day of your journey.

How do I cancel my booking?

To cancel your booking please just contact us via Email or WhatsApp / Text / Telephone so we can release the date / time for our driver to accept other jobs.

Can I book a vehicle with a child seat?

Should you require a car seat, please provide these details in your additional requirements when asking for a quote for your journey as we do endeavour to meet all our passengers needs no matter how big or small. Please Note: It is NOT a legal requirement for a child to have a child seat when travelling in a minicab / minibus / coach, but they MUST sit in the back seat(s) and wear a seatbelt.

Can I change my pickup / destination?

You are welcome to change your pick up / destination with no change to your quote within reason, however a new quote may need to be made if the change is over 5 miles from the originally specified pick up / destination.

I have a lot of luggage, will it fit?

In order to help you book the most suitable car, we must know the number of passengers and their luggage.

how do you check your drivers?

All our drivers are licenced to carry passengers and therefore, they are DBS checked by the Licensing Authority.

What should I do if I left my belongings in the vehicle?

Kindly contact us via Email or WhatsApp / Text / Telephone and explain the items you have left behind and we will ensure they are returned to you safely, however we do encourage all passengers to have a scan of the vehicles before ending our trip to ensure no items are left behind before your trip.

How can I provide a review for my trip?

We welcome all feedback – following the completion of your journey please send through your feedback to us directly be it positive or negative or please utilise our Facebook page for a public forum.

How do I make a complaint?

We strive to deliver the highest standards of service for our customers, however we recognise that things can occasionally go wrong, so we ask that you please contact our Support Team and allow us 24 hours to find a resolution for your complaint.

Thank you for joining our team. Give us 24 hours to get back to you. Stay safe!

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