Happy driver, happy passenger.

When I became a father, I realised that safety is imperative to me. Feeling safe on the road, provideing a safe passenger experience, and showing courtesy and respect to other people, are core values of a reputable car sharing business.

I have worked as a driver for the past 5 years. When I moved to Portsmouth, my wife discovered she was pregnant with our second child, which for us meant that I would be the only person covering our bills. The job as a taxi driver was the only option to support my family.

I understand that many people work as drivers because they cannot find alternative employment. Have you ever heard of someone who dreamed of becoming a taxi driver? How often do you see a happy driver?

Based on my experience, many car sharing companies take more care of passengers than they do for their drivers. However, their business would not succeed without the professionalism of drivers.

I always believed that if I am not happy with something, go and make the effort to change it. That is why I have started my own car sharing company COOLRIDES, to create the best atmosphere for drivers and our passengers. It is time to make changes for the better.

Founder of COOLRIDES

Marius Savu

Thank you for joining our team. Give us 24 hours to get back to you. Stay safe!

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